Apple A1725 Replacement Battery | (2023) This is an online marketplace specializing in the sale of replaceable batteries. We promise that all products sold on our site are brand new. If you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased, we offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Battery compatible with iPod 5th - 7th Generation Video Classic battery (not an original APPLE battery).

Battery for APPLE A1725 Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery replica with 3.7V and 650mAh capacity.

The high quality replica battery with 650mAh capacity, Li-Polymer Batteries. It fits in the iPod 5th - 7th Generation Video Classic models.

Usually the installation of this battery in connection with the phone requires extra hands-on skills, we recommend that you have the iPod 5th - 7th Generation Video Classic battery installed by an expert.

This battery is suitable as a replacement battery for iPod 5th - 7th Generation Video Classic battery and APPLE A1725 model.

High capacity APPLE A1725 battery for longer standby time.

The battery is professionally tested to ensure the best lifespan.

1 year warranty, 30 days money back, 100% brand new!

Battery capacity (mAh/A/W) may be different; the more mAh/A/W it displays, the higher its autonomy.

Safety certified CE / FCC / RoHS.

* Please make sure that the replacement battery you are buying is suitable for your device brand and model.


Model A1725
Battery Condition Brand New Replacement Battery
Item Code ECN12687_Oth
Category Li-Polymer Batteries
Capacity 650mAh
Voltage 3.7V
Type Rechargeable Li-Polymer
Color White
Applies to iPod 5th - 7th Generation Video Classic
Certification Passed CE, UL, ROHS, ISO 9001/9002 and GS certification
Service Buy now, we promise a one-year warranty and 30-day returns

Replacement Part Numbers:
  • 616-0229

Compatible Models:

For Apple:
- iPod 5th Generation Video 30 GB - A1136 - Model: MA002 / MA146 / PA002 / PA146
- iPod 5.5th Generation Video 30 GB - A1136 - Model: MA444 / MA446 / PA444 / PA446 / MA664
- iPod 6th Generation Classic 80 GB - A1238 - Model: MB029 / MB147
- iPod 6.5th Generation Classic 120 GB - A1238 - Model: MB565 / PB565 / MB562 / PB562
- iPod 7th Generation Classic 160 GB - A1238 - Model: PC297 / MC297 / PC293 / MC293

Package Included:
1 x Battery

(Video) Replacement A1725 Laptop Battery for APPLE iPad mini 5 A2124 A2133 A2126 Series

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APPLE A1136 A1238 Battery Our Guarantee

-- 30 days money back, 12 months warranty.

-- 30% off and free shipping

-- 100% compatible iPod 5th - 7th Generation Video Classic


(Video) How to Replace Your Apple iPhone SE A1723 Battery

The new lithium-ion battery should be fully charged and fully discharged 2-3 times before being fully conditioned. Remember that the performance and longevity of the new lithium-ion battery can only be achieved after two to three complete charge and discharge cycles. After 2 or 3 cycles, you will never have to adjust the battery again!

10.8v and 11.1 is compatible.

14.4v and 14.8 is compatible.

Laptop battery tips

① When using your new battery for the first time, discharge the battery when the battery life reaches 2%, then recharge it to 100%.

② Use your battery in temperatures below 40°C.

③ Recharge your battery before dropping below 10% charge.

④ There is no need to remove the battery from your laptop when the laptop is powered by the mains.

⑤ It is also unnecessary to fully charge your battery before a long period of non-use.

Why order batteries from us?

① Expert in the field of batteries for 15 years.

② Large selection, almost all available products are in stock.

③ Tested and checked by competent professionals, careful packaging.

④ Best prices & fast delivery & One year warranty & Safe purchase and payment.

⑤ Perfect after-sales service.


Free delivery on all items with no minimum order.

All orders placed for standard shipping on all in-stock items will ship within 1-2 business days. Shipping information will be available the day after your item has shipped. An e-mail is sent to the customer, mentioning the tracking number.

Usually it will take about 7-20 business days for delivery, but it depends on the exact address or region. Holidays and different customs on checking may affect postal service delays.

Please note that we do not ship to APO (military) or FPO (foreign) box. We are not responsible for incorrect or unknown address. Please ensure your shipping address is correct and deliverable.

Methods of payment

Apple A1725 Replacement Battery | (9)

Accept payments through PayPal

PayPal has become one of the largest payment service providers in the world, comparable to Visa and MasterCard. With PayPal, you can accept credit cards as well as PayPal's own payment method.

It's a fast and secure way for customers to pay online via all major debit and credit cards, online bank transfers and via PayPal account holder payments. Customers don't even need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal.


Quality and safety: This APPLE A1725 battery contains advanced electronic components and has been tested according to strict CE standards. The APPLE A1725 battery contains a chip that prevents overcharging and short circuiting. On top of that the APPLE A1725 batteries are made from good quality cells which do not suffer from a 'memory effect'.

Assurance and warranty: APPLE A1725 purchased in our store are guaranteed for 12 months. Satisfied Refunded 30 days.

Shipped Direct from the Factory: ships its items almost directly from the factory, so you are sure to receive a brand new, full capacity battery! and Minimize your cost and get incredible low factory price.

Secure payment: Your credit card details are encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and are never transmitted unencrypted over the network.

(Video) How to Replace the Battery in a MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch (late 2013 to early 2015)

Maintenance tips

The battery for APPLE A1725 must undergo at least one charge per month to preserve the memory effect and prevent its voltage from dropping too low. A battery left idle for too long may lose performance or even stop working at all.

(Video) Microsoft Surface Book Keyboard Disassembly & Battery Replacement

Never let your Lithium ion battery drop below 20% capacity before recharging it

The battery for APPLE A1725 comes with a remaining charge. It is necessary to charge the battery before use. It is also recommended to charge and discharge your new battery for APPLE A1725 2-5 times to obtain its maximum capacity.

Tips for using your battery safely

The following tips ensure the safe use and maximum performance of your battery.

Always be sure to use the right type of battery for your device

A new battery should be charged at least 3 hours

Never disassemble a battery

Never crush a battery

Never drill-through a battery

Never short-circuit a battery

Never place a battery in water

Never put a battery on fire

Typical batteries can be safely stored and used in ambient temperatures up to 60°C (140F)

Special batteries need to be stored and used at room temperature

Always ensure that your device has sufficient cooling capabilities. Never cover your device and ensure that ventilation grilles are uncovered. Always place your laptop on a flat surface. It is not advisable to place your laptop on your lap, chair or couch. Also is it always wise to read the manual of the device and follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer.


How do I claim my Apple battery replacement? ›

How can I get battery service for my iPhone?
  1. Schedule a visit. Make an appointment at an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store.
  2. Send in for repair. A courier will pick up your product and deliver it to Apple.
  3. Contact us. Talk to an Apple Support Advisor.

Will Apple replace my laptop battery for free? ›

The one-year warranty includes replacement coverage for a defective battery. Apple offers a battery replacement service for all MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro notebooks with built-in batteries.

Is it worth replacing battery in iPhone se? ›

If your battery is healthy, there's no point in trying for a replacement to save the $20. As a rule of thumb, batteries are healthy enough to run your iPhone properly until they fall below 80% battery health.

Can I walk into an Apple store and get my battery replaced? ›

If you don't mind paying a premium, you can go straight to Apple to get your iPhone battery replaced.

How much does Apple pay to get a new battery? ›

Apple charges $99 to change the battery on its newest iPhone not under warranty. iPhone owners with the company's AppleCare+ extended warranty get battery replacements for free if your device's battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity, Apple said.

What is the cost of Apple battery replacement? ›

Effective March 1, 2023, the out-of-warranty battery service fee will be increased by $20 for all iPhone models prior to iPhone 14.” The battery replacement cost of any iPhone that comes with a Home button has been hiked from $49 to $69. For iPhone X and later models, the cost is now $99.

How many years does Apple laptop battery last? ›

After every charge cycle, your battery loses a little bit of quality. Apple considers a MacBook battery worn out after 1000 cycles. You'll reach that limit after about 5 years. You'll notice that the battery life of your MacBook keeps getting shorter.

What is the cheapest way to replace a Mac battery? ›

Option 4: Replace Your MacBook Battery Yourself

The cheapest option by far is ordering your own MacBook replacement battery and swapping it yourself. This means you'll only pay the cost of the parts (plus the time it takes you to perform the work).

Does my Mac qualify for free battery replacement? ›

If your MacBook Pro's charging isn't going more than 1%, you can get your battery replaced for free!

How many years should an iPhone SE battery last? ›

No matter what you do, your iPhone® battery has a limited shelf life. As it ages, the battery slows—so a full charge won't last as long. Most batteries are good for at least 2 to 3 years, often longer, but how do you know when to replace your iPhone battery?

How long does it take to replace an iPhone SE battery? ›

Yes but, depending on the amount of people with an appointment, you may have to wait quite a bit. My local Apple store for example is always super crowded and it's even hard to get an appointment at all. Changing the battery itself takes around 2 hours, the hard part is getting a genius to place your order.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone 7 battery? ›

Starting in March, anyone with an iPhone 13, 12, 11 or X will have to pay $89 for a new battery, while replacements for iPhone 8, 7, 6, 5 and SE devices will cost $69.

Will Apple do same day battery replacement? ›

If the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider has replacement batteries in stock, the process should be completed within hours, allowing you to walk out with your iPhone on the same day.

Does Apple sell battery replacements? ›

Apple offers a battery replacement service for all MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro notebooks with built-in batteries.

Does Apple replace batteries over 80%? ›

We can replace your iPhone battery for a service fee. Our warranty doesn't cover batteries that wear down from normal use. Your product is eligible for a battery replacement at no additional cost if you have AppleCare+ and your product's battery holds less than 80 per cent of its original capacity.

How long does it take to replace phone battery at Apple Store? ›

It typically takes about an hour for a battery replacement at the Apple Store. This includes the time it takes for a technician to assess the device and install the new battery. However, if extra repair work is needed such as diagnostics and software installations, this can take longer.

How much does it cost to change an iPhone XR battery? ›

An iPhone XR battery replacement with high-quality parts costs around $100 but this can vary depending on the condition of the device.

Is it bad to leave your Apple laptop plugged in all the time? ›

Should You Leave Your MacBook Plugged In Constantly? Lithium-ion batteries, like what's in your MacBook, are complicated pieces of technology. Fortunately, it's not possible to overcharge your MacBook battery by leaving it plugged in all the time, nor will it overheat or damage any other components.

How long should a MacBook Pro 2017 battery last? ›

The 2017 [Touch Bar 13-Inch] MacBook Pro lasted 8 hours and 40 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which is longer than the 8:24 average for ultraportables and close to the time from last year's model (8:48). . .

How do I know when to replace my MacBook Pro battery? ›

Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original charge capacity at its maximum cycle count. For best performance, replace your battery when you reach its maximum cycle count.

How to get free Mac battery replacement from Apple? ›

If the macOS shows a “Service Recommended” message when checking the battery health status, you can reach out to Apple for a free replacement. “If the status indicates that your battery is Normal, your battery is not affected by this issue,” Apple says.

How do I replace my Mac battery at home? ›

Replacing a MacBook or MacBook Pro battery
  1. Power down the MacBook.
  2. Undo the screws holding down the back cover.
  3. Unplug the battery from the motherboard.
  4. Remove the screws holding down the battery.
  5. Lift the battery out of the MacBook.
  6. Fit new battery.
  7. Screw the battery down.
  8. Refit the connector.
Jun 6, 2022

Can I replace my Mac laptop battery? ›

Battery service

Your Mac laptop battery can be replaced for a service fee. Our warranty doesn't cover batteries that wear down from normal use. Your product is eligible for a battery replacement at no additional cost if you have AppleCare+ and your product's battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity.

Who is eligible for battery replacement on MacBook Pro 2017? ›

Eligible MacBook Pro models

Apple says the following 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models are eligible for the free battery replacement: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports) MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports) MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)

What is the price of MacBook Pro 15 inch battery? ›

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina A1398 Battery at Rs 3279/piece | Apple Laptop Battery in Hyderabad | ID: 23080584512.

What is the battery problem with the MacBook Pro 15? ›

Apple has determined that, in a limited number of older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro units, the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk. Affected units were sold primarily between September 2015 and February 2017 and product eligibility is determined by the product serial number.

How long does iPhone SE 2017 battery last? ›

The iPhone SE's battery offers up to 15 hours of video playback, two hours longer than the prior iPhone SE. It lasts for up to 10 hours when streaming videos, and up to 50 hours when playing audio.

Is charging iPhone to 100 bad? ›

Apple recommends, as do many others, that you try to keep an iPhone battery between 30 and 80 percent charged. Topping up to 100 percent isn't optimal, although it won't necessarily damage your battery, but letting it regularly run down to 0 percent can prematurely lead to a battery's demise.

How to restore iPhone battery? ›

iPhone battery calibration is easy to perform without extra help.
  1. Step 1: Drain the Battery. The first step is to completely drain your iPhone battery. ...
  2. Step 2: Wait Three Hours. ...
  3. Step 3: Charge Your Device. ...
  4. Step 4: Drain Your Device. ...
  5. Step 5: Wait Another Three Hours. ...
  6. Step 6: Charge Your Device.

Can you replace iPhone SE battery yourself? ›

Replacing the iPhone SE battery is doable, but you have to be careful and move slowly. One wrong move could completely damage your phone. Before you start, make sure your battery is below 25% charged and power it off. This will prevent it from exploding or catching fire.

Is it worth replacing phone battery? ›

Replacing your battery is a great way to lengthen the life of an older model phone. Cell phone batteries only last about two years before they begin to degrade. After that, they're prone to charging issues. An old battery can also slow down the performance of your phone or even lead to sudden shutdowns.

How do you know if you have an iPhone SE 1st or 2nd generation? ›

The SE 1st generation has a border around the screen and the power button is on the top. The SE 2nd generation has a screen that goes the full width, and the power button is on the side. This one is very easy to tell. The iPhone SE (1st Generation is shaped like the iPhone 5).

Is it better to replace a battery of iPhone 7 or buy a new phone? ›

Getting your iPhone battery replaced when it starts to slow down should be a no-brainer. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the costs. For starters, you'll want to see if you are still under warranty with Apple. If you're covered, having your battery replaced will be free of charge.

Is it a good idea to replace the battery in iPhone 7? ›

You should replace your iPhone battery every 16-18 months if you are recharging once a day, according to Apple's estimates. Apple suggests you replace once your battery reaches 80% maximum capacity, taking an estimated 500 recharges.

Does Best Buy change iPad batteries? ›

Our highly skilled Geek Squad® Agents can fix iPads with screen damage, problems with the camera or audio components, and repairs to your iPad accessories. Plus, we can perform Wi-Fi troubleshooting, diagnose software issues, help with operating system upgrades and provide iPad battery replacement.

Is it OK to use non Apple battery in iPhone? ›

Using nongenuine batteries might also lead to safety issues. Genuine batteries are designed to work with iOS to function properly, including to report charge levels and battery health. Therefore, nongenuine batteries or repairs won't have the ability to obtain battery health information.

Does replacing iPhone battery do anything? ›

Your battery can still be used. However, you may be experiencing more noticeable battery and performance issues. A new replacement battery will improve your experience. More about service options.

Can battery health go back to 100? ›

It is also important to note that, you cannot increase your battery health to 100 percent. If your phone has already lost battery health, then there is nothing one can do other than replace the battery.

How do I claim my battery warranty? ›

In the event of any complaint, the battery must be returned untampered & complete to the Company's Authorised Dealer, Wholesaler or Depot in India along with the Warranty Claim Form.

What is the Apple replacement policy? ›

The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPhone and the Apple-branded accessories that come in the box with your product against manufacturing issues for one year from the date you bought them. Apple-branded accessories purchased separately are covered by the Apple Limited Warranty for Accessories.

How long will battery replacement take with Apple Store? ›

Depends how busy the store is, roughly 2 hours. You need to make an appointment at Apple store. To make sure battery is in stock. If they have it in stock, it doesn't take long.

How to claim battery warranty without warranty card? ›

Warranty card is necessary for warranty claim, in case of loss of warranty card the respective manufacturer has the right to reject the said warranty claim. Call the customer care no. of the respective manufacturer and provide details related to your product and the problem you are facing.

Can I get my battery replaced under warranty? ›

Car batteries are considered "wear & tear" items, like tires, brake pads and motor oil, so they are not typically covered by extended warranties. However, batteries do typically come with their own warranty coverage.

How do I file an Applecare claim? ›

Online (requires you to verify your serial number and run a remote diagnostic) At an Apple Store (inspection of iPhone and proof of purchase are required) By calling 800-275-2273 (requires you to run a remote diagnostic and provide proof of purchase)

How do I claim my Apple warranty? ›

Go to Sign in with your Apple ID. Choose your device. You can see details about the support that you're eligible for—including hardware repairs and technical support.

Are Apple warranty replacements new? ›

Replacement equipment that Apple provides as part of the repair or replacement service may contain new or previously used genuine Apple parts that have been tested and pass Apple functional requirements.

Will Apple replace my battery in one day? ›

If the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider has replacement batteries in stock, the process should be completed within hours, allowing you to walk out with your iPhone on the same day.

Can an Apple Store replace the iPhone battery same day? ›

Yes, Apple Store can replace a battery same day. Apple's battery replacement service is typically quick and efficient and most Apple Store locations are equipped for same day service.

Is it expensive to change Mac battery? ›

You will have to pay $249 to replace the new 2023 MacBook Pros battery. AppleCare Plus subscribers can get a free battery replacement if the device's battery health is below 80 percent.


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