Here are the League Patch 13.11 patch notes (2023)

The League of Legends pro scene may be in a lull following JD Gaming’s victory in London but the game is still very much full tilt when it comes to changes in season 13⁠—a trend that only continues with League Patch 13.11 next week.

Champions are back on the menu this update after largely missing out last time around while 10 items, mainly bot lane picks, are getting follow-up changes.

In all, the Riot Games developers are plotting up to 23 buffs, nerfs, and adjustments, including the long-anticipated arrival of the major Rell rework as well as nerfs for several stronger champions like Aurelion Sol, Jinx, Aphelios, and Amumu and buffs for Azir, Akali, Twisted Fate, and plenty more.

“Overall tough to judge initial ADC strength with the plethora of builds, especially when tuning some very powerful items,” the devs wrote on Twitter on May 22 before confirming Galeforce and Stormrazer are in their sights.

There were “good shifts,” they added, but more is needed.

And for all you League skin collectors there’s great news for you too: the custom skins for reigning world champions DRX are finally landing in-store in June.

League Patch 13.11 release date

This time around, the next League update of 2023 will actually be shipped out around 24 hours later than usual, on Thursday, June 1⁠—according to Riot’s patch schedule. While the wait may be a bit of a pain, and I feel your pain on that, once the day arrives we can all start patching early in the morning.

Luckily for me, I’m down under in Australia so my update cycle begins pretty early, at around 10am (AEDT). Here are the key patch rollout times for some of the major League servers across the globe:

(Video) LS | LoL Patch 13.11 Preview - Return of Kalista? Gragas Still Not Nerfed

  • 3am PT (NA)
  • 5am GMT (EU West)
  • 3am CET (EU North East)
  • 8am KR (Korea)

There will be several hours of downtime once the patch begins. Matchmaking and competitive queues will be disabled across all League servers three hours before the update is officially deployed and set live.

What’s coming in League Patch 13.11?

Rell rework finally rolls onto the Rift

The wait is finally over for the Iron Maiden to return⁠—on June 1, after months and months of delays, the Rell midscope update will finally grace the Rift.

The headlining change for Rell is that following her midscope update, she should have easier ways to start teamfights. Riot wants to turn her into more of a playmaking pick via the rework and has even spiced in a few buffs for her jungle potential to see if she can work as an engage champ there.

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Here are the League Patch 13.11 patch notes (2)

12 champs, 10 items tweaked in midseason follow-up

Following the huge League Patch 13.10 changes that hit basically every item in Riot’s flagship title (trust me, I had to type out every buff and nerf last week), the developers are taking a second swing to hit some outliers.

This includes buffs for Duskblade, Kraken Slayer, Moonstone Renewer, Navori Quickblades, and the newly-returned Statikk Shiv. Heading the other way are Ardent Censor, Echoes of Helia, Galeforce, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, and Stormrazer, the last of which has basically become a must-build recently.


On the champion side, Akali, Aurelion Sol, Ivern, Kalista, Rek’Sai, Renekton, Twisted Fate, Azir, Ivern, Amumu, Aphelios, Kog’Maw, and Jinx are getting changes.

Here are the League Patch 13.11 patch notes (3)

Glory for DRX as Worlds 2022 skins finally arrive

Six months after their glorious Cinderella run to the 2022 World Championship, the DRX roster is finally seeing their personalized League skins added to the store. The team’s picks include Aatrox, Akali, Ashe, Caitlyn, Kindred, and Maokai.

The championship skin line will also, for the first time, be getting a Prestige variant included alongside the usual releases. The lucky champ this update is Aatrox.

Here are all the new skins coming this patch:

These DRX skins will go live during the League Patch 13.11 cycle.

Here are the League Patch 13.11 patch notes (4)

Here are all the early patch notes for the June 1 update. Remember, until Riot releases the official notes, any of these buffs, nerfs, and changes are still tentative and we could see them pulled at any time.

(Video) IVERN REWORK, DUSKBLADE BUFF, YOUMUU'S NERF| Patch 13.11 Notes are here

League Patch 13.11 early patch notes



  • Q damage increased from 30-130 to 40-140.


  • Q cooldown reduced from 14-6 to 12-6.
  • W ability power ratio increased from 0.55 to 0.6, summon range increased from 500 to 525.


  • Q jump logic adjusted.
  • W on-hit damage now applies to allies.
  • Enemies in brush now revealed.
  • E now refreshes if no enemies hit.


  • Autos no longer miss when target leaves vision.
  • Total attack damage on attack increased from 90 percent to 100 percent.
  • Base attack damage and attack damage growth reduced from 66 and 3.75 to 61 and 3.25 (Riot devs say: “This is a buff considering the passive”).
  • Q and E damage increased to compensate for base AD changes.
  • Health regen and growth increased from 3.75 and 0.55 to 4 and 0.75.
  • Base health increased from 574 to 600.
  • E cooldown reduced from 14-8 to 10-8 seconds.


  • Tremors rate reduced from 1.5 seconds to one second.
  • Passive max heal changed from 20-190 to 15-125 (plus 2-12 percent max health).
  • Q cooldown reduced from four to 4-2 seconds, reveal duration reduced from five to three seconds.


  • E cooldown reduced from 18-14 to 16-12 seconds.
  • R cooldown changed from 120 seconds flat to 120-80 seconds, damage per second increased from 50-150 to 60-180.

Twisted Fate

  • W cooldown changed from 8-6 seconds to six seconds.

Aurelion Sol

  • E mana cost increased from 60-100 to 80-100, ability power ratio per second reduced from 25 percent to 20 percent.


  • W base damage per seconds reduced from 20 to 14.


  • Q attack damage per rank reduced from 5-30 to 4.5-27.


  • Changes removed from patch.


  • Attack speed growth reduced from 1.36 percent to one percent.

Rell midscope update

Base Stats

  • Base attack speed increased from 0.55 to 0.625.
  • Attack speed ratio increased from 0.55 to 0.625.
  • Attack speed growth reduced from two to 1.5 percent.
  • Armor growth reduced from 4.2 to three.
  • Magic resistance growth reduced from 2.05 to one.
  • Base movement speed reduced from 335 to 330.

Break the Mold

  • Resistance steal reduced from 10 to 2.5 percent
  • Minimum resistance reduction reduced from 5-12 (based on level) to 1.25-3 (based on level).
  • Duration increased from four to five seconds.
  • New Effect: Resistance steal now stacks up to five times per target, abilities now apply one stack per target, gained resistances remain for the full duration even if a target dies.
  • Remved: No longer steals resistances from minions, no longer deals8-16 (based on level)bonus magic damage on-hit, damaging a new target no longer refreshes duration on all targets.

Shattering Strike

  • Base damage reduced from 70-250 to 60-200.
  • Damage against monsters increased from 100 to 250 percent.
  • Cast time increased from 0.35 to 0.5 seconds.
  • Forward range reduced from 685 to 520 units.
  • Backward range increased from 150 to 220 units.
  • Cooldown increased from 9-5 to 11-9 seconds.
  • New effect: Now stuns targets hit for 0.75 seconds, now lunges forward 100 units when casting (does not count as a movement spell).
  • Removed: Damage is no longer reduced to 50 percent against targets beyond the first, no longer heals herself or tethered ally for 10-30 (plus 30 percent ability power) (plus four percent of missing health) per champion hit.

Ferromancy: Crash Down

  • Removed: No longer passively grants her5-15 percent (based on level)bonusmovement speed.
  • Bonus resistances increased from 10 to 12 percent.
  • Damage against monsters increased from 100 to 250 percent.
  • Base damage reduced from 70-210 to 70-190.
  • Base shield reduced from 35-135 to 30-130.
  • Shield health ratio reduced from 12 to 10 percentmaximumhealth.
  • Slide distance reduced from 375 to 320 units.
  • Effect radius reduced from 200 to 180 units.
  • Dash range reduced from 500 to 400 units.
  • Knock up duration reduced from one to 0.75 seconds.

Ferromancy: Mount Up

  • New effect: Now passively grants her 15-35 percent bonus attack speed and 75 bonus attack range while dismounted.
  • New effect: She is now slowed by 15 percent while dismounted, bonus movement speed now decays over the duration.
  • Bonus movement speed changed to 30 percent at all ranks from 25-45 percent.
  • Damage against monsters increased to 250 percent from 100 percent.
  • Removed: Base movement speed is no longer changed to 280 while dismounted, movement speed is no longer capped at 290−400 (based on level) while dismounted.

Full Tilt (New E)

  • Cost 40 mana
  • Cooldown 15 seconds
  • Range 1,200 units
  • Passive – Mounted Alacrity: Rell gains 5-50 (based on level) bonus movement speed, reduced to 50 percent in combat.
  • Active: Rell and an ally charge, gaining up to 15-25 percent bonus movement speed for three seconds, doubled when moving towards enemies or a bonded ally within 1,200 units. Rell’s next basic attack or Shattering Strike within three seconds explodes in a 300-unit radius, deal 25-60 (plus 30 percent ability power) (plus 2-4 percent of target’s maximum health) magic damage. Deals 250 percent damage against monsters.



  • Damage amp increased from 0-15 to 0-20 percent, health threshold for max damage increased from 20 to 30 percent.

Kraken Slayer

  • Damage type changed from magic to physical.
  • 20 plus 60 percent total attack damage plus 45 percent ability power changed to 35-85 plus 65 percent total attack damage plus 60 percent ability power.

Moonstone Renewer

  • Chain heal increased from 20-35 to 20-40 percent. Single heal increased from 15-25 to 15-30 percent.

Navori Quickblades

  • Attack damage increased from 60 to 65.
  • Ability hasted reduced from to 20 to 15.
  • Mythic passive now gives five attack damage instead of five ability haste.

Statikk Shiv

  • Energize damage increased from 60-170 to 80-190.
  • Minion damage increased from 220 percent to 250 percent.

Ardent Censor

  • Bonus attack speed changed from 15-30 percent (ally level) to 20 percent.

Echoes of Helia

  • Healing per shard reduced from 20-100 (levels 1-18) to 20-100 (levels 6-18). Damage per shard changed from 30-200 (levels 1-18) to 30-180 (levels 6-18).


  • On-hit damage reduced from 30 to 15.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

  • Bonus lethality reduced from 8-20 to 3-12.
  • Haste reduced from 20 to 15.
  • Distance per stack increased from 45 to 55.


  • Attack damage reduced from 55 to 50.
  • Energize damage changed from 25 plus 65 percent total attack damage to 15 plus 60 percent total attack damage.


  • Coming soon…


  • Coming soon…


  • Coming soon…


DRX Aatrox

DRX Akali

DRX Ashe

DRX Caitlyn

DRX Kindred

DRX Maokai

Prestige DRX Aatrox

DRX Ward

(Video) Tyler1 Reacts to MIDSEASON UPDATE | 13.10 LoL Patch Notes

Update May 25, 1.31am CT: Added details on DRX skins including videos courtesy of Skin Spotlights on YouTube.

Update May 24, 12.24am CT: Added patch details as revealed by @LoLDev on Twitter.

Update May 22, 11.57pm CT: Added all champion, item changes.

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Here are the League Patch 13.11 patch notes (5)

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What patch is LoL currently on? ›

Patch (League of Legends)
Current Patch:League of Legends
13.10LoL Patch Notes

What time do patches come out League? ›

When do League of Legends patches go live? There's no fixed time schedule for when patches do hit the live servers for League of Legends, but generally speaking, Riot tends to put the servers down for maintenance at a similar time every fortnight.

Is LoL patch 12.21 live? ›

LoL 12.21 Release Time & Date

Adhering to the League of Legends patch schedule, LoL 12.21 is set to release on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. As always, players can expect League of Legends servers to go down for maintenance at 6 am EST before going live with the new update at 9 am EST.

How often does League get a new patch? ›

Patches are usually released every two weeks. This gives players time to enjoy their favorite champions before Riot deems them too strong and nerfs them out of existence.

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Touch wood, because League of Legends patch 13.4 is set to go live on Thursday, 23 February.

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What Are Patch Notes? Patch Notes are important for letting your most engaged players know what has changed in your game, even if those changes are not something most players would care about. Every time you push out a new build to Steam, your players will see their game update in Steam.

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The 12.2 update will arrive in League of Legends on Wednesday 19th January 2021. Here's roughly when you can expect the update to roll out: 3 am PT (NA servers) 5 am GMT (EUW servers)

Is patch 13.1 B live? ›

Patch 13.1B is now live on servers across the world. If you were looking forward to certain changes this patch—such as Annie's buffs or Ahri's reworks—you'll likely be able to play with them when Patch 13.3, League's next full, proper patch, drops on Feb. 8.

Does anyone still play LoL? ›

League of Legends Player Count (Monthly Active Players)

Over 117 Million players are actively playing monthly and 10 – 11 active players daily.

How big is League of Legends patch? ›

As of patch 11.21, League of Legends' total file size is 14.2 GB on disk. However, Riot Games has recommended a minimum of 16 GB space available on your system's hard drive. Expect this size to go up a few MB with every new patch.

Why is League patch so slow? ›

League of Legends patches works with the default TCP/IP services. Winsock plays an important role in supporting your computer to access the TCP/IP services. If the Winsock data gets corrupted, you may encounter the League update slow issue. In this case, you can follow the steps below to reset Winsock.

Do League skins come back? ›

These skins will be released in LoL Patch 13.7, a few days after April 1, 2023. That's all the information we have on new skins in 2023 for now, but we hope to see some fun new concepts, as well as some fan favourites, like Coven come back this year.

How long does League full repair take? ›

Click the Gear button to open the Settings menu. Click the "Repair" button. The repair process will take about 30-60 minutes.

Is Patch 13.4 out league? ›

Patch update 13.4 will arrive on Thursday 23rd of February 2022.

What time is 13.4 coming out? ›

The LoL 13.4 update is set to release on Thursday, February 23, 2022. As always, players can expect League of Legends servers to go down for maintenance at 6 am EST before going live with the new update at 9 am EST. What is this?

When did patch 1.04 come out? ›

Elden Ring 1.04 Patch Release Date – April 19, 2022

The patch will be applied on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and on PC.

Who writes patch notes? ›

The product or development team is responsible for release notes because they're the most familiar with the changes and enhancements that have been made to the software.

Did Radahn get nerfed? ›

Elden Ring boss Radahn was accidentally nerfed in a patch, but now he's back to full strength. FromSoftware's previous patch for the game added new features like NPC icons and quests, as well as balance changes. But nerfing the infamous boss Starscourge Radahn was unintentional.

Is patch 13.5 out? ›

The release date for League of Legends patch 13.5 is March 8. This will be the final patch before Riot starts preparation for the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational - the first international event of the year for the competitive scene.

What game was patches first in? ›

Patches' first chronological appearance was actually pre-Souls, as he showed up in the 2008 mech-action title Armored Core: For Answer, which Hidetaka Miyezaki directed himself.

What was the first game to have patches? ›

The earliest game to receive a downloadable patch was Unreal Championship on the Xbox which featured a small software update patch that was issued to address performance issues with the game.

What is exploit Wednesday? ›

Series: Offensive Research. 'Patch Tuesday, Exploit Wednesday' is an old hacker adage that refers to the weaponization of vulnerabilities the day after monthly security patches become publicly available.

Is there a max level in URF? ›

Higher level cap: The level cap is increased to level 30.

How much does the URF cost? ›

Urfwick can be purchased from the Essence Emporium for 150,000 Blue Essence. Unlike other skins in the game, Urfwick cannot be purchased with RP, meaning players will have to spend their Blue Essence if they want him.

How long does URF last 2023? ›

League ARURF will be available throughout the Lunar 2023 event to celebrate Chinese New Year and will end at the exact moment the event ends, on Feb. 14, 2023.

Is League patch 12.4 out? ›

According to the League of Legends 2022 patch schedule, the League of Legends patch 12.4 release date is set for Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

Is League patch 12.19 live? ›

LoL 12.19 Release Date

According to the Riot Games support website, Patch 12.19 is intended to go live on October 5th, 2022.

Is LoL 12.12 out? ›

Adhering to the official League of Legends patch schedule, LoL 12.12 hits live servers on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

Did patch 13.1 B get reverted? ›

League of Legends descended into a state of pandemonium after Riot Games deleted its micropatch LoL Patch 13.1b, reverting all the changes that were introduced to the game.

Is 13.1 B out yet? ›

LoL 13.1B Release Time & Date

LoL 13.1 is set to release on Thursday, January 26, 2022.

Why did Riot revert the patch? ›

League of Legends: Riot Deletes Patch "Due to a Bug"

stats that looked an awful lot like the ones from the original LoL Patch 13.1. What is this? Vandiril looked through all the changes and made the deduction that Riot had legit deleted their hotfix changes and reverted the state of the game to before then.

Is League of Legends Losing Popularity? ›

Long story short, the answer to “is League of Legends dying?” is; no, it is not dying. Moreover, it keeps on growing in terms of sponsors for the esports scene and more players for the gaming side. Even though the active gamers count changes monthly, it still indicates positive signs for the company.

Is League newbie friendly? ›

Since the beginning of the League of Legends meta, support has remained one of the most beginner-friendly roles due to the companionship of the AD carry and the simple game plan of its champions. Soraka is no exception to this rule, capturing the essence of support with easy crowd control, quality heals, and lane poke.

What percentage of LoL players are female? ›

League of Legends Demographics
GenderPercent of LoL players
Feb 23, 2023

Why is LoL so large? ›

Once League got a large enough number of people, it began to grow because everyone wanted to play League with their friends. League is a team game, so it's logical to want your friends to play with you. It hit a point where it just kept growing larger and larger, like a snowball rolling down a hill.

How big is League of Legends 2023? ›

What is the League of Legends download size? The League of Legends download size is 8.2 GB.

Is League of Legends one of the biggest games? ›

It's only about the 26th in the world in terms of monthly players (111 million). The most played games in the world are mobile brain rot like Candy Crush Saga. League isn't difficult, per se.

How to make League faster? ›

How To Boost FPS Performance In League of Legends
  1. Enable 'Low Spec Mode' in client settings (small cog in the top right of menu). ...
  2. If you enable the 'Low Spec Mode' it will reduce visual fidelity in certain areas of the client but may significantly improve performance.
Aug 12, 2022

Why does it take so long to get into a League of Legends game? ›

This generally happens when your queue time gets too long, which is usually because there's a shortage of one or more positions in the queue. We consider this a last resort to get you out of the lobby and into a game.

How to not lag in League? ›

Part 3: How to Fix LoL Client Lag Issues?
  1. 1 Modify Your Game Settings. The first easy option is just to go and check your game settings. ...
  2. 2 Change Your DNS Server. ...
  3. 3 Delete Temp/Junk Files. ...
  4. 4 Unblock League of Legends on School Network. ...
  5. 5 Use Ethernet Connection Instead of Wi-Fi. ...
  6. 6 Enable V-Sync.
Feb 10, 2023

Which is the rarest League skin? ›

The Victorious skin line has been a tradition every year, with one new Victorious skin by the end of each season that is given out to players who reach Gold rank or higher. The skin line started with Victorious Jarvan IV in 2011, which is extremely rare since most players from back then don't play anymore.

How rare is Riot Kayle? ›

Riot Kayle Skin Information
AnimationsNew recall animation
SoundsNew sounds for auto attacks
Release date13/08/2014

Who has the most skins in league? ›

In this list, we'll see which champions have the most skins in League of Legends and their most coveted costumes.
  • Sivir — 16 Skins. SkinSpotlights. ...
  • Ahri — 16 skins. League of Legends. ...
  • Ezreal — 16 skins. League of Legends. ...
  • Akali — 16 skins. League of Legends. ...
  • Miss Fortune — 17 Skins. League of Legends. ...
  • Lux — 18 Skins.
Jan 19, 2023

How long can you remake League? ›

Remake a League game in 1 minute 30 seconds

Players can vote to start a remake at 1 minute and 30 seconds. The game will prompt you to start a remake after which you can type “/remake” in chat to start the vote. Once the vote begins, you have 30 seconds to vote yes or no.

How long does 1 League game take? ›

"Average game length is 30-45 minutes."

How to repair League of Legends 2023? ›

1) Open your game launcher. Click on the gear icon located on the upper-right corner to open Settings. 2) Under the GENERAL tab, click Initiate Full Repair. 3) Click YES to initiate a full repair.

Is League patch 12.8 out? ›

League of Legends Update 12.8 is finally live and Riot have confirmed that this is the patch version on which the Mid-Season invitational will be played.

What time is patch 12.6 LoL? ›

LoL 12.6 Release Time & Date

LoL 12.6 will go live on Wednesday, March 30th. Players can expect the update to go live at 9am EST. Servers will go down for maintenance 3 hours ahead of its launch at 6am EST, though this downtime may be extended pending any technical difficulties.

What is LoL played on? ›

League of Legends Available Platforms:
6 more rows

What time does patch 12.4 come out? ›

The 12.4 update will arrive in League of Legends on Tuesday 15th February 2021. Here's roughly when you can expect the update to roll out: 3 am PT (NA servers) 5 am GMT (EUW servers)

When was patch 12.11 League? ›

The 12.11 update will arrive in League of Legends on Tuesday 7th June 2022. Here's roughly when you can expect the update to roll out: 3 am PT (NA servers)

Is LoL patch 12.11 live? ›

League of Legends patch 12.11 release date, Bel'Veth's introduction. League of Legends patch 12.11 is set to go live on all servers on June 8, 2022.

Is League patch 12.22 live? ›

The patch notes always get released the day before an update goes live in the game. With this in mind, the League of Legends 12.22 update patch notes will be released on Tuesday 15th November 2022.

What time is 12.9 patch? ›

LoL 12.9 Release Time & Date

League of Legends patch 12.9 will arrive at 9am EST on Wednesday, May 11th after roughly 3 hours of server downtime. While Riot never offers an official release time, this schedule has been consistent all through Season 12.

What time is 12.10 patch? ›

Here's roughly when you can expect the update to roll out: 3 am PT (NA servers) 5 am GMT (EUW servers) 3 am CET (EUNE servers)

Is 12.10 patch live? ›

LoL 12.10 Release Time & Date

Adhering to the official League of Legends patch schedule, LoL 12.10 hits live servers on Wednesday, May 25 2022.

Can I watch old LoL games? ›

After you finish playing a match, look for the download button in the upper right of the End of Game screen (next to Advanced Details). Replays can also be found on your Match History screen. Once you've downloaded a Replay file (. rofl), the button should change to a new “Watch Replay” state .

How popular is LoL now? ›

In 2022 League of Legends has 180 million players, with its peak being more than 32 million daily players. The daily number of players fluctuates based on in-game events, esports tournaments, and more.

Why is LoL so popular? ›

The primary reason for LoL's popularity is its accessibility. League of Legends is one of the first video games to introduce a free-to-play model to success. They released the game without any price tag. Instead, the company monetized through cosmetics that provided no in-game benefits aside from aesthetics.


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