How to Put Apple Music on iPod Nano/Shuffle/Classic/Touch (2023)

When portable media players were first founded in 1988, they couldn’t do much other than play digital videos and audio files. That’s not the case presently. With the growth of technology, media players currently come in different kinds. iPod is one of them released by Apple, and whether you can play Apple Music on iPod stimulates wider discussion. Let’s unravel more about Apple Music iPod compatibility and the best way to listen to your Apple Music on your portable media player.

How to Put Apple Music on iPod Nano/Shuffle/Classic/Touch (1)
  • Part 1. Apple Music iPod Compatibility – Everything We Know
  • Part 2. Why Apple Music Cannot Be Copied to iPod Devices
  • Part 3. Excellent Tool to Download Apple Music to iPod Devices
  • Part 4. How to Put Apple Music on iPod Touch Directly
  • Part 5. Conclusion
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Part 1. Apple Music iPod Compatibility – Everything We Know

The iPod is a portable player, designed by Apple Inc., available in different sizes, and uses a variety of technologies. You can use it to play music through headphones for smaller versions, or even play movies for the larger versions. The original iPod was released in 2001 which was simpler and larger. Years later, other models came about such as the iPod Mini, being just a third the size of the original iPod. Later on, iPod Nano took center stage, then slowly lost it down to the much-famous Shuffle iPod, with a reduced size. Other varieties like the iPod Touch are also part of this transformation, now featuring a touchscreen and being a wireless internet device in addition to being a media player.

Compatibility of Apple Music on an iPod

The various iPod versions pointed out above entered the market at different times. Their features also differ greatly. Check out which are they.

1. iPod Classic

iPod Classic or simply iPod, was released in 2001 as the original iPod. It had up to 6 generations and used a 1.8-inch hard drive for the storage of files. It was quite big in size and simple in design, with the body covered in chrome and acrylic glass. In terms of Apple Music iPod Classic compatibility, Apple Music is not supported in iPod Classic.

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2. iPod Nano

The first generation of this brand came in 2005 just after the iPod Mini. It was developed to use flash memory for storage. It started out as a lightweight portable player and advanced with more features like video playback and recording over the years. The iPod Nano does have the ability to stream Apple Music online as the network required.

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3. iPod Touch

iPod Touch was introduced in 2007, with a touchscreen-controlled user interface. It doubles up as a portable media player and a digital camera as well. It is quite similar in design to iPhone OS devices and perfects even for web browsing and messaging alike. The latest one is iPod Touch 7th generation. This device is equipped with WiFi and lots of functions, which make it easy to listen to Apple Music.

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4. iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle goes up to the 4thgeneration. It is very small in size, lightweight, and has ample storage space. The first generation had in place buttons on the face and a built-in USB port at the bottom. The 2ndgeneration was an upgraded model of its predecessor and came in multiple colors. The 3rdintroduced the use of a remote which was built into the headphone cable. The 4thgeneration is the final iPod Shuffle.

Is Apple Music iPod Shuffle worked? Unfortunately, it is impossible to get your songs from Apple Music as it doesn’t have any app including Apple Music.

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The iPod has transformed over the years and you can now use it to store and play your hits. However, music streaming services like Apple Music have protection over their files and you cannot directly get Apple Music on iPodmaking some iPod modes only compatible with Apple Music after removing that limitation. It is the only iPod Touch that is compatible with Apple Music as it has a built-in Apple Music app.

Part 2. Why Apple Music Cannot Be Copied to iPod Classic/Shuffle/Nano

You might already be wishing to sync Apple Music on your iPodbut wondering why your music cannot be copied. This is only possible with the iPod Touch since it comes with a built-in Apple Music app that lets you listen to Apple Music on it. Otherwise, other models like iPod Classic, Shuffle, and Nano lack WiFi capability and neither can’t play Apple Music because of the service’s restrictions on its files.

Part 3. Excellent Tool to Download Apple Music to iPod Nano/Shuffle/Classic

Even though Apple Music cannot sync in Apple Music media players like iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Classic, there is a way out to solve the menace. AudKit Apple Music Converter aims to download tracks from Apple Music offline and remove any Apple Music protection over its files and make the music available for listening on any device, including iPods.

AudKit Apple Music Converter works in a sophisticated manner to convert Apple Music into common output formats such as FLAC, AAC, MP3, WAV, etc. More so, it will preserve all the metadata information and maintain the original sound quality of the Apple Music songs. The downloading speed is also of value, going up to 30X rate while converting your files in a batch and achieving a high rate of returns.

Using this AudKit Apple Music to iPod Converter, the playlists from Apple Music can be downloaded without a subscription. It is a piece of cake to copy the Apple Music files to other MP3 players like iPod, Sony Walkman, SanDisk Clip, etc.

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Key Features of AudKit Apple Music Converter

  • Listen to your Apple Music files on any portable media player offline
  • Convert Apple Music at a high speed of X30 rate with lossless quality
  • It supports several output formats like AAC, MP3, and FLAC
  • Offer an intuitive user interface with many useful editing features

How to Download Apple Music to iPod-compatible Audio Files

The best decision to stream Apple Music for iPod Classic/Shuffleis to first, convert and download your soundtracks from Apple Music into common output formats like MP3. Here is the guide you can follow to accomplish the purpose.

Step 1 Launch and register AudKit Apple Music Converter

From its official website, click the “Download” button to get the AudKit Apple Music Converter on your computer. Open it and then click the “Register” tab from its menu dropdown to register it. Input your license and registration code in the available bars to activate its full version.

Step 2 Select Apple Music tracks to import

Identify the Apple Music playlists that you want to download, then press the first “Add” icon from the bottom left side. In the new window, you can choose to add songs from Apple Music or iTunes.

Step 3 Adjust Apple Music sound settings for iPod

To change the output parameters for your Apple Music files, click on the “Audio” tab and then choose the output format for your songs, such as MP3, AAC, or M4A. It is set to MP3 format as default. You can also customize other parameters like codec, sample rate, and bit rate as your preference. Clicking the “Edit” icon behind each imported song can adjust more options like splitting or editing ID3 tags.

Step 4 Download Apple Music files for playing on iPod

Now click on the “Convert” tab shown on the low right side and let the AudKit app begin the conversion process. It will download your Apple Music tracks at 30X speed and save them onto your computer. Once completed, check for the converted Apple Music by tapping the little “converted” icon and sync them to your iPod devices.

How to Add Apple Music to iPod Shuffle, Nano, and Classic with iTunes

Since you just achieved Apple Music iPod compatibilityand you can now freely sync your music using these steps with iTunes. Ensure you have saved the converted Apple Music playlist from your computer onto your iTunes library.

Step 1.First, open iTunes then connect your iPod Nano, Shuffle, or Classic with iTunes.

Step 2. Go to the “Music” > “Sync Music” > “Select playlists” options.

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Step 3.Choose the “Recently added” which should include the converted Apple Music playlist that you saved in your iTunes library from your computer.

Step 4.Click on the “Apply” option and iTunes will now sync the converted Apple Music song to your iPod Nano, Classic, or Shuffle as you choose.

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Part 4. How to Put Apple Music on the iPod Touch Directly

The iPod Touch has a built-in Apple Music app and, therefore, you can stream Apple Music iPoddirectly via the app. We will show you how to listen to and download Apple Music to iPod Touch with its subscription.

Step 1.Go to your iPod Touch and launch the Apple Music app. Then locate the music that you want to add.

Step 2. Then tap on the “Add” button to start adding the songs to your Apple Music library. You can also use the “+” icon to add an entire playlist.

Step 3. Add the selected song or playlist to your library, then tap on the “Download” button to get it for listening offline.

Step 4.Finally, select the song you want to listen to and hit on the “Play” tab to listen to them on your iPod Touch.

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How to Put Apple Music on iPod Nano/Shuffle/Classic/Touch (7)

Part 5. Conclusion

iPod portable media players are everyone’s favorites. They are lightweight and can store numerous hits. We have expounded on the best ways to sync Apple Music to iPodfor offline listening without worrying about Apple Music iPod compatibility. You can directly stream your music on the iPod Touch or convert them into common output formats with AudKit Apple Music Converter to remove all restrictions to play them freely on your iPod portable players like iPod Shuffle.


How do I put Music from Apple Music to my iPod Shuffle? ›

1 Connect iPod shuffle to your computer. 2 In iTunes, select iPod shuffle in the list of devices, and then click the Music tab. 3 Select “Sync music,” and then choose “Selected playlists, artists, genres, and albums.” 4 Select the playlists, artists, genres, and albums you want.

How do I turn on iCloud music library on my iPod Nano? ›

Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is signed in with the same Apple ID that you use with your Apple Music subscription. Go to Settings. Tap Music. Turn on Sync Library.

How do I put music on my iPod Nano without deleting old music? ›

When you connect your iPod to a computer, iTunes asks if you want to sync the device to that computer and the music library on it. If you try to sync your iPod with iTunes on a different computer, iTunes will delete your music. By backing up your music before syncing, you can prevent iTunes from deleting it.

Why can't I put Apple Music on my iPod shuffle? ›

Obviously, Apple Music's M4P format is not included because Apple Music requires WiFi to authenticate an Apple Music subscription. Unfortunately, iPod shuffle is not built with WiFi and that's the reason why you will come across with the problem of "Apple Music songs cannot be copied to an iPod".

Can I still put music on my iPod shuffle? ›

WALTR 2 is a free-to-download transfer tool specifically dedicated for iOS devices. You can transfer music from computer to iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle instantly! Thanks to this amazing tool, you will be able to add music to iPod without iTunes. It works for both: Mac and Windows.

How do I put Apple Music library on my iPod Classic? ›

How to Put Apple Music to iPod Classic (The Universal Way)
  1. Log in to Apple Music. ...
  2. Customize Audio Parameters. ...
  3. Convert Apple Music to DRM-Free Files. ...
  4. Add DRM-free Apple Music to iTunes Library. ...
  5. Connect iPod Classic to iTunes. ...
  6. Sync DRM-free Music to iPod Classic. ...
  7. Transfer DRM-free Apple Music to iPod Classic Successfully.
Mar 8, 2023

Can you still put music on an iPod nano? ›

To download or add songs to an iPod nano, you use a process called syncing, which moves music from your iTunes library to your iPod. You must have iTunes installed on your Mac or PC to download music to an iPod nano. iTunes. Windows doesn't include it, but you can download iTunes for Windows from the Apple website.

Can you still put music on an iPod classic? ›

The iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle don't have an internet connection of their own. When you want to put media on them, you use the iTunes program on your desktop or laptop computer to download songs to the iPod, using a process called syncing, not iCloud.

Can I still sync my iPod classic with iTunes? ›

If you choose manual syncing, you can sync iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle with multiple iTunes libraries. You can sync iPhone and iPad with only one iTunes library at a time.

Does the ipod nano have iCloud? ›

No, you wouldn't be able to do that, it is not offered unless you have iTunes Match. If you need to store files in the cloud you can use Dropbox and many other services. That is not a feature that iCloud offers.

Can I still use iTunes instead of Apple Music? ›

All of your music is now in the Apple Music app

The Apple Music app is where you can find all of your music, including music that you imported in to iTunes, purchased from the iTunes Store, and playlists and smart playlists that you created in iTunes.

Is there a free Apple Music Converter? ›

Sidify Apple Music Converter Free is the best freeware that enables Windows users to convert the Apple Music songs, iTunes M4P music, and audiobooks to digital audio formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, or WAV.

Why can't I add some songs to my iPod? ›

Try a Different USB Port & USB Cable. Turn off iCloud Music Library (iTunes Match) on iPod and iTunes. Update iOS and iTunes to the latest version. Uncheck “Read Only” and change permissions of the files you want to sync by right-clicking the files > Properties > Uncheck “Read Only”.

How do I put music on my iPod without iTunes no download? ›

To transfer music to iPod (from the computer) with Dropbox:
  1. Make sure you have installed Dropbox on your computer and iPod Touch (at least on iPod).
  2. Sign in to Dropbox with the same account.
  3. Upload music from computer to Dropbox. ...
  4. On your iPod, open the Dropbox app and you will see the songs from your computer.
Apr 18, 2023

Why can't I transfer music to iPod? ›

Make sure that your devices have the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or iTunes for Windows. Make sure that Sync Library is turned on for all of your devices. Connect all of your devices to the Internet. Visit the Apple System Status page to see if there are interruptions in service in your country or region.

How do I put music on my iPod without syncing and erasing? ›

Click the "Devices" tab.

This will display settings for connected devices like your iPod. Check the "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically." This will keep iTunes from trying to automatically sync and remove content from your iPod when you connect it.

How do I manually manage music on my iPod nano? ›

How to apply the "Manually manage music" option
  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Connect your iPod to your computer.
  3. Select the Device button near the top-left corner of iTunes.
  4. On the "Summary" screen, check the Manually manage music and videos box (under "Options").
  5. Click Apply.
Jan 20, 2023

How do I put music on my old iPod Shuffle? ›

Connect your iPod to your computer.

Using your iPod cable, plug the USB end into your computer and the other end into your iPod's headphone/charging port. If your iTunes has auto-sync for music enabled, simply opening iTunes and plugging in your iPod will add any new music you've downloaded to your iPod.

How do I update my iPod shuffle? ›

What to Know
  1. Connect your iPod to your computer using the USB cable, open iTunes, and sync your iPod to the computer.
  2. Click the iPod icon, and then choose Update or Check for Update.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to update your iPod. You may have to enter your Apple password.
Nov 7, 2021

Is The iPod shuffle Obsolete? ›

iPods to be declared obsolete by Apple

The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were discontinued long ago in 2017, and the iPod Touch 7th Gen was the sole surviving model until 2022, when Apple eventually pulled the plug. Apple currently makes or sells no iPod models.

How much music can you put on an iPod nano? ›

Apple iPod nano Features:

Holds up to 2,000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format. Holds up to 7,000 iPod-viewable photos. Holds up to 8 hours of video.

What version of iTunes will work with iPod Classic? ›

DeviceMinimum versionMinimum OS
iPod Classic (2nd generation)2.0.4 (Mac) 4.2 (Win)9/10.1 (Mac) 2000 (Win)
iPod Classic (3rd generation)4.0 (Mac) 4.1 (Win)10.1 (Mac) 2000 (Win)
iPod Mini (1st generation)4.2
iPod Classic (4th generation)4.6
93 more rows

Why is my iPod Classic not showing up on Apple Music? ›

The issue could be related to your computer, its USB port, or the USB cable connecting it to your device. If possible, try a different computer, USB port, or USB cable. Also check for any debris in the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone or iPad.

Why can't I connect my iPod nano to iTunes? ›

Restart your iPod, iTunes, and computer. Re-Authorize iTunes on the computer by going to iTunes > Store. Update iOS and iTunes to the latest version. Run iTunes in the Administrative mode in Windows.

Why did Apple stop iPod nano? ›

Even after the introduction of the iPhone, many people still used the iPod nano and iPod shuffle for times when the iPhone was too cumbersome to carry, such as working out. Apple, of course, now markets the Apple Watch as the perfect workout companion, hence the discontinuation of the small iPod models.

Why did Apple discontinue iPod nano? ›

The increased functionalities on smartphones subjected the iPod to the diminishing utility principle. In addition, the advent of fast, cheap internet, alongside music streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Prime Music, etc meant substantially narrowing use for the iPod.

What is replacing iTunes? ›

Q. What is Apple's replacement for iTunes? With the launch of macOS Catalina, Apple introduced dedicated apps namely Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books to replicate the functionalities of iTunes.

Why did Apple get rid of iTunes? ›

After 18 years, Apple is discontinuing iTunes. iTunes is being phased out as part of the launch of Apple's latest software release, MacOS Catalina, and replaced with three separate apps – Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV – which will aim to plug the gap and, hopefully, leave user experience unaffected.

Does anyone still use Apple Music? ›

How Many People Use Apple Music in the US? With over 33 million subscribers in the United States, Apple Music outnumbers other music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music. Key Stats: Apple Music has a channel dedicated to streaming music videos by the most popular artists and songs.

Is Apple Music Converter legal? ›

Yes, of course it is legal. Also note that you have the option of buying your files in MP3 format in the first place, from Amazon MP3 or other online retailers. MP3 files will work in iTunes as well as virtually every other player, program, and device.

How do I keep Apple Music for free? ›

After the Free Trial, your Apple Music subscription would be renewed automatically. If you want to discontinue the service, you should cancel the subscription beforehand. Once you cancel the subscription, you'll lose access to Apple Music, including the songs that were downloaded within the free period.

How do I import music to Apple Music for free? ›

To do this on an Android, iPhone, or iPad device:
  1. Launch the Apple Music app or open the Apple Music website in a browser.
  2. Tap or click on Library and select Artists (or Playlists if you created one).
  3. Tap on the band or artist you added and synced. ...
  4. Tap on the album or song you want to hear and enjoy the music.
Mar 1, 2022

How do I download music from Apple Music? ›

How to Download From Apple Music to Your Phone (iOS and Android)
  1. Open the Apple Music app.
  2. Search for the music you'd like to download.
  3. Tap Add next to any song, album, playlist or music video. ...
  4. You will now see the download icon next to items in your library, which you can tap to begin the download.
Feb 27, 2021

Does Apple Music subscription work with iPod Nano? ›

No. Apple Music tracks cannot be put on an iPod Nano.

Why is my Apple Music not letting me download? ›

Downloading issues can be related to several factors, including connection issues, or lack of space on your device. Basic tips from Apple include closing the app and restarting your iPhone or iPad. This should usually be your first step when having issues with your device.

Do I get to keep the music I download from Apple Music? ›

Apple Music is a subscription service which allows you to listen to any music at anytime. You can even download music from Apple Music to your iTunes library. However, if you are to cancel your subscription, or your free trial ends, any music that you downloaded through Apple Music will be removed from your library.

Can you download Apple Music as MP3? ›

Convert songs to MP3 with Apple Music App

Select songs in your library that you want to convert. On your keyboard, hold down the Option key, and choose File > Convert > Create MP3 Version. And then the converted songs will appear in your library next to the original song files as MP3 files.

Why is my iPod nano not showing up on Apple Music? ›

The issue could be related to your computer, its USB port, or the USB cable connecting it to your device. If possible, try a different computer, USB port, or USB cable. Also check for any debris in the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone or iPad.

What version of iTunes works with iPod nano? ›

iPod nano (5th generation): Technical Specifications

Hi TheArchivis, Your iPod is compatible with iTunes 9 or later.


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