Pet Blogging- How Can You Generate Money With A Pet Blog? (2023) (2023)

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if you love animals and are enthusiastic about blogging, you may be considering starting a pet blog.

In this short blog post, I will explain everything you need to know about pet blogging, including why you should start one, whether it is profitable, what are the benefits, etc.

What is pet blogging?

Pet blogging is simply writing about pets in a blog.

A pet blog is simply a space where people write articles about their views, thoughts, and knowledge about pets on a website (pet blog) dedicated solely to pets.

Why blog about pets?

It’s a great way to meet other pet owners and share your passion.

By pet blogging, you will also learn SEO and other technical skills that will be useful in the future when you start a business or a blog in another niche.

If you are a pet owner, you will enjoy blogging about it.

There are numerous income opportunities in pet blogging and the market size of the pet care industry is also very huge in size.

How to start a pet blog

Following three simple steps, you can create a pet blog.


Buy a domain name through which people can access your blog.

Before you choose a random domain name, check sure it is brandable.

To choose a brandable domain name, make sure that it is easy to say, short enough, and that people will remember it quickly.

To make your task easier, you may utilize Namelix, an incredible tool based on AI and machine learning that can help you find your brandable domain name in a very short period.

Simply enter your chosen niche and you will be presented with a plethora of brandable domain names.

Godaddy is the world’s largest and most reliable domain registrar.

You may acquire your brandable domain name from Godaddy at extremely low rates, and if you utilize a promo code, costs will begin to decline.

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Buy hosting through which you can store your pet blog’s data. Hostinger will be an excellent choice for you if you are a beginner.

If you are a beginner looking for a perfect hosting that is both fast and affordable, then Hostinger is the way to go.

At first, your website will not receive much traffic, and for low traffic, the Hostinger is extremely fast, and their prices are also very competitive.

When your pet care blog begins to receive a large amount of traffic, you can switch to cloud hosting like Vultr or upgrade your hosting’s existing plan to a larger one.

WordPress Installation and Theme Installation

After purchasing hosting from Hostinger, you simply install WordPress because WordPress is the best option for blogging.

It is very easy to start a profitable blog with WordPress and there are thousands of plugins that will help you in many ways such as ranking in search engines, automation, building blog design, and more.

After installing WordPress, the first step is to install a fast, simple, and clean theme.

Choosing a decent theme is critical since it affects many things, like blog speed, user experience, and even SEO.

As a result, you must choose a theme that is quick, has a clean and simple design, and is SEO optimized.

GeneratePress theme is less than 10 KB in size, focuses on speed, is well optimized for SEO and user experience, and is also easily customizable. It is quite inexpensive.


  • Light Weight & Fast
  • SEO optimized
  • Structured Metadata
  • Cheap
  • 45+ pre-built templates
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  • Less Customizable
  • Not Fancy
  • Fewer Options in Free Version

How to Get Pet Blog Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

This is a very common problem: after creating some content, you feel like you’ve covered everything and there are no topics left on which to create your next blog post.

This could be because you chose a niche in which you have no interest, but it’s not that difficult to come up with endless content ideas.

There are several resources available to help you generate content for years.

Here are some easy ways to generate article ideas for your pet blog

1: Read other pet blogs on a daily basis for content ideas.

You should browse famous pet blogs for content ideas. This will expand your understanding of pets and can help your writing and thinking abilities.

2: Use AI-powered Tools: There are several tools available to assist you in generating article ideas, such as Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a popular keyword search tool that may also help you find content.

Building an audience for your pet blog

To create an audience, you must gain traffic to your pet blog, which may be obtained via both free and commercial approaches.

Paid techniques are more successful than freeways, but you must pay for them. Free organic methods need more effort to obtain traffic, but it is consistent and last for a long time if your content is evergreen.

To gain paid traffic, you must run an ad campaign through advertisers such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and so on. To get free organic traffic, you must optimize your content for SEO in order to appear in search results.

Paid techniques are extremely transitory; if you stop paying for ad campaigns, all traffic will cease, however, organic traffic will continue for many years if your content is adequately optimized for SEO and contains material that is useful to readers.

How to make money from pet blogging (top 2 monetization methods)

To earn money from pet blogging, you must monetize your blog.

There are several monetization strategies available via which you may monetize your blog and make big money online, but two of the most common are affiliate marketing and ad monetization.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest and most popular ways to earn money online.

It is really simple to begin affiliate marketing; simply join an affiliate network and begin promoting their products or services on your pet care blog.

There are two methods for joining an affiliate program:

1: You can join individual affiliate programs, which means you must join separate affiliate programs to promote different businesses’ items, but this gets difficult to manage when you join many programs.

2: You may join an affiliate network, where you can have hundreds of affiliate programs to choose from.

This is far superior to joining different affiliate programs since you can handle everything from one place, making it much easier to manage many items.

These are some of the most effective affiliate networks for affiliate marketing.

  • Cj Affiliate
  • Share A Sale
  • Impact Radius

Selling Your Own Digital Products

You can make a lot of money by selling your own informational products or E-books.

You can even make much more money than affiliate marketing or advertising ifyou sellyour own products,

But your products must be of good quality and may havesomething that no one else has discussed, and you must use your own innovative mind to do so.

You can also enable premium membership on your blog and create premium content that will only be displayed to people who have purchased your premium content.

This type of business model can be found on Quora and by enabling this type of monetization method you can earn recurring income.

By Contextual Advertising

In comparison to affiliate marketing and selling your own products,

This is a very simple method of monetization.

Let’s take an example: if you have a website that is monetized with affiliate links or digital products and 1000 people visit that website to read content, less than 100 of those 1000 visitors will click on an affiliate link and go to the landing page, and only 50 percent or less of that handful of people will make a purchase or may not.

So getting sales is difficult, but if you have monetized with contextual ads, you can earn from every person who visits your site, and if someone clicks on ads, you will earn extra money.

Here are some of the best ad networks where getting site approval is simple, and these are ideal for beginners; all you need is some quality content to publish and some genuine traffic.

Adsense, Ezoic,, Infolinks, PropellerAds, Adsterra

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Because pet-related businesses are local and of low quality, the ads that will be displayed on your blog will be of very low quality, implying that your income will be very low if you don’t have a lot of traffic.


Ezoic is a fantastic ad network that is more than just an ad network; it is also an intelligent technology that can help you enhance your ad income using AI. It’s an excellent service that outperforms Adsense.

Are pet blogs profitable?

Pet blogs are extremely profitable; all you need to do is provide high-quality material to attract clients and make purchases.

To make things easier, sell someone else’s goods through affiliate marketing or you can sell your own pet care items.

Now, firms in the pet care industry are geographically limited and of poor value.

You should not monetize your pet niche site with contextual advertisements to make money since the ads displayed on your blog will be of very low quality with extremely low CPC and CPM, thus you will not be able to generate a big amount of money with contextual ads.

Market Size Of the Pet Care Industry

According to research from global market insights, the pet care industry is worth around 232 billion US dollars in 2020 and will continue to rise in the future.

The market size of the pet care industry in the United States is 99.7 billion US dollars (2020), whereas in the United Kingdom it is 4.8 billion USD in 2020.

Best Pet Blogs to Follow

The following are the best pet care blogs from which you can learn a lot about pets.

By reading these blogs, you will also get an idea of how you should write and content ideas if you are starting a pet blog.

1: Dogster

If you love dogs, you should follow Dogster since you can learn about dog health and care, dog food, dog training, dog breeds, pet safety, pet health, and much more from this blog

2: Dogtopia

Dogtopia is the largest supplier of daycare in North America, and they also offer a blog where you can learn about dog safety or pet safety, dog water safety, dog body language, dog behavior, pet health, pet care tips, dog relaxing methods, healthy dog food, and much more.

3: Walkin’ Pets

Walkin’ Pets is a well-known pet care site that offers high-quality and reliable information. It also sells pet-related items.

Concluding Remarks on Pet Blogging

Observing numerous blogs on the internet, I discovered that the most successful blogs are about dogs or cats.

This might be due to the fact that dogs are the most domesticated animals in the world, with cats coming in second. So you may start a pet blog on a dog or a cat since it is simpler to expand comparatively to other pet blogging themes.

Pet blogging is an excellent opportunity to interact with other pet lovers and share your opinions, and an excellent method to earn money online.

If you operate a pet-related business, you can market your products through yourpet blog, and if you don’t, you may earn through numerous means, making it a very profitable topic to start a blog.

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Please tell me in the comments area if you intend to start a pet niche blog or not, and whether you believe in becoming a pet blogger or not.

If you have any questions on this issue, please leave them in the comments area.


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