Teamfight Tactics patch 13.10 notes (2023)

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.10 notes (1)

AuthorRodger “Riot Prism” Caudill

3…2…1… we have lift-off with patch 13.10!

The Mecha Prime Zero Arena has arrived, sending your games much further than the moon. The arena comes alongside the debut of our new cosmetic content delivery system that you can and should read about here.

We’re also continuing to add Portals from across Runeterra to our Normals (With Portals!?) queue. You can read more about those Portals and a history of our For Fun patches here.

(Video) Patch 13.10 Rundown | TFT Glitched Out | Teamfight Tactics

We’re happy with the balance of Glitched Out!! as a whole right now, so the rest of the patch is exceptionally light. Good luck to all the Tacticians climbing the ladder and competing in the Monsters Attack! Championship May 26th through 28th!

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.10 notes (2)Rodger “Riot Prism" Caudill

Patch Highlights


TL;DR - Treasure Realms are a large-scale upgrade/replacement for our current Egg system. Prices per item aren’t changing (390 RP / TFT Coins per item), but some drop rates & item categories are being adjusted to accommodate some major quality of life updates we’re making to the system. Read about the system in detail here. Treasure Realms will roll out slower than the initial patch, so expect them to be live within 24 hours after patch 13.10 (this one) goes live.

We also have a player support article in case you have further questions.


  • Tokens are generic, meaning they can be used on any Treasure Realm Bounty. This means that after you hit your desired item, you can save tokens for the next Treasure Realm rotation and the content you really want.
  • Tokens can be purchased in quantities of 100 for 390 RP / TFT Coins.
  • Every Treasure Realm Bounty costs 100 Tokens for a single reward, or 1000 for 10 rewards.


The Mecha Prime Zero Bounty is only available from patch 13.10 to 13.12. Check out its contents below.
TierDescriptionExamplesDrop Rate
Star ContentRarest rewards, usually featured on the Treasure Realm Bounty bannerMecha Prime Zero Arena1%
Highlighted ContentRare new content & legacy rewards, including previously-rotated Pass+ itemsNew Overcharged Superlaser Boom, Astronaut Molediver, UFO Sprite, New Little Legend Variants15%
Standard ContentWide range of previously-released Little LegendsSugar Crash Dango, Honeybuzz Choncc, and many more84%

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.10 notes (4)

(Video) World Championship Patch | TFT Patch Review 13.10


  • While the drop rate is a static 1%, you’re guaranteed to receive one of the Star Content rewards on a Bounty after a maximum of 61 attempts.
  • This guarantee carries over between Bounties.
  • If you’ve already received all of the Star Content in a given Bounty and continue to pull rewards from it, reaching the guaranteed drop will instead reward you with a Promise Token.
  • A Promise Token can be redeemed to immediately receive Star Content from active Treasure Realm Bounties.


  • With the release of Treasure Realms, we’re also going to be replacing Eggs on TFT Passes. Where you’d usually receive an Egg-based reward (i.e. level 4 on the current Monsters Attack! Glitched Out!! Pass), you’ll instead receive 100 Tokens, so even if you’re F2P, you’ll still be able to jump into Treasure Realms by playing games & completing missions during a set!
  • You’ll still be able to hold on to & open any of your remaining Eggs at any time.


Join us on the rooftops of Spatulopolis for a special Monster Cookoff to celebrate this set’s world championship. The Monsters Attack! Championship is live May 26-28, 4am PDT / 1pm GMT+2. Tuning in each day of the event will give you the opportunity to earn exclusive Monsters Attack! Championship drops

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.10 notes (7)

(Video) BEST TFT Comps Guide for Set 8.5 Patch 13.10 | Teamfight Tactics | Tier List


Expect more frequent Portals with our second For Fun patch as 2-6 is now guaranteed, and 3-3 and 4-3 Portals are now more common! You can read more about the mechanic and the history of our For Fun patches with TFT’s most handsome and brilliant writer as he is joined by three other devs here.


Always a Portal!
  • Stage 2-6 Portals have a 100% chance of appearing. Demacia, Piltover, and Targon each are equally weighted here.
  • Demacia: Gain 2 item components
  • Void: Gain a Thief’s Gloves
  • Zaun: Gain 10 gold.


Infrequent but eclectic.
  • Stage 3-3 Portals have a 30% chance of appearing. That 30% is composed of Portals from Ionia, Shadow Isles, Noxus, and Freljord, all of which have an equal chance of appearing.
  • Ionia: Target Dummy + 15 gold
  • Shadow Isles: Champion Duplicator + Two 4-cost Champions
  • Noxus: 2 full Item Anvils
  • Freljord: Ornn Anvil


Common and powerful!
  • Stage 4-3 Portals have a 75% chance of appearing. That 75% is composed of Portals from Targon, Piltover, and Shurima, all of which have an equal chance of appearing.
  • Targon: Gain a Tactician’s Crown
  • Piltover: Gain a Loaded Dice, a Lesser Champion Duplicator, a Remover, and a Reforger
  • Shurima: Gain a Tome of Traits and 6 gold


Large, like the battle between Mecha Sion and Mecha Malphite.


With two 4-costs and a 5-cost, Ace 4 is tough to hit. Even when you get offered our newest Augment, Ace in the Hole, granting you access to Ace incredibly early, the trait underperforms. We’re giving the execute threshold an extra nudge to push the trait into the Ace rating territory.

Anima Squad openers are typically used to stack HP early, but those stacks are pretty hard to get if you can’t kill anything. An extra 5 AD and AP should give Anima Squad the kickstart they need here.

(Video) BEST Early Game Augments | Guide for Patch 13.10 | TFT - Teamfight Tactics

Gadgeteen can still pop off in the early, mid, and late game when a level 7 Nunu, Tome of Traits, or Augment grants early access to the 5-trait breakpoint. We’re lowering the bonus they get from each item to keep these prepubescents from outgrowing their trait’s 5-unit scope like a middle schooler outgrows respect for their parents.

  • Ace Execute Threshold: 15/30% 15/33%
  • Anima Squad AD & AP: 10/35/60 15/35/60
  • Gadgeteen Damage & Damage Reduction: 4/9% 4/8%


It’s important to take Time Out of your day to exercise, see the sun, and shut down AP comps. But Pantheon has far too much time on his hands.
  • Pantheon Time Out! MR ratio: 300/450/675% 290/435/650%


Draven is a little nostalgic for the spotlight. With his spell needing less Mana to cast, he can threaten those pesky backliners more often—so expect to see more of those insane 1v5 Mecha Prime Draven moments.
  • Draven max Mana buff: 70/140 70/130


Jax has been on time-out ever since he dominated the early Monsters Attack! patches. We’re not returning to Jaximus Patchimus with this buff, but we do want our weaponless weirdo to find success when the stars align.
  • Jax Adaptive Strike base Damage: 85/130/210 90/135/220


Like this patch, this is a small section, so I’ve taken the liberty of combining it with the rogue Hero Augment that could use a bit more love.

Double Trouble comps are more difficult to play in Monsters Attack! due to the limitations on which champions you can activate the bonuses with. Not having access to the extra stats on powerhouses like Urgot or Bel’Veth is a bit of a bummer, but I assure you this Augment is still powerful on dual-scaling carries like Twisted Fate, Jax, and Yasuo.

  • Double Trouble II AD, AP, Armor, and MR: 30 33
  • Double Trouble III AD, AP, Armor, and MR: 40 44
  • Nilah - Jubilant Veil CC immunity for number of Allies: 5 6


  • There’s two A’s in Aatrox: Fixed an issue where Aatrox’s second spell wasn’t buffed like the first one was in the last patch.
  • Leduck and run: Fixed an issue where Ezreal would cast his spell twice if he killed a target within melee range.
  • Ghost stunner: Fixed an issue where Pyke could stun units who are immune to CC.
  • You gotta be critting me: Fixed an issue where reaching 100% crit on select units was reverting crit to near zero.

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