The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (2023)

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (1)

It is exciting welcoming a new pet into the family but there are also a lot of associated costs with owning a dog. One of those is pet insurance, which is an insurance policy designed to help cover the cost of large and unexpected vet bills should your dog require treatment due to illness or injury.

In this article, we take a look at dog insurance including what it covers, the different types of dog insurance, how much dog insurance costs and is dog insurance worth it?

What is dog insurance?

Dog insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover the cost of unexpected vet bills. You pay a monthly or annual premium to the insurer and then in the unfortunate event you have to claim, the policy should cover the treatment cost for your dog, minus any policy excess, providing your claim meets the requirements.

There are four main types of pet insurance with the most comprehensive policy for your dog being lifetime pet insurance. We go into more detail about the different types of pet insurance here. For more information on pet insurance and how it works, read our 'Complete guide to pet insurance'.

What does dog insurance cover?

A dog insurance policy is designed to cover the cost of unexpected veterinary bills as a result of an illness or injury sustained by your pet. The total amount of cover you get will depend on the policy you choose. For more information on the different types of pet insurance and the level of cover you can expect, read our article 'What are the different types of pet insurance?'

A typical dog insurance policy will cover the following:

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (2) Veterinary fees due to illness or injury

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The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (3) Death due to illness or injury (some restrictions apply as your pet ages)

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (4) Loss and theft of your dog

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (5) Kennel fees if you are hospitalised in an emergency

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (6) Public liability (should your dog injure someone or damage property)

A typical dog insurance policy does not cover:

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (7) Routine treatment such as vaccinations and worming

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (8) Neutering

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (9) Routine dental treatment (some policies cover dogs for dental treatment due to an accident or an illness)

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The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (10) Pre-existing conditions

The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (11) Birth/Pregnancy

What are the different types of dog insurance?

There are five main types of pet insurance and we summarise the differences below.

Lifetime pet insurance

This is the most comprehensive pet insurance policy that covers your dog up to an agreed limit each year for veterinary treatment for illness and injury for the duration of its life. The veterinary fee limit renews annually as long as you continue to pay the premium. There are two types of lifetime pet insurance, annual limit and annual limit per condition. Annual limit lifetime pet insurance insures your pet for a set amount per policy year and annual limit per condition lifetime pet insurance insures your pet for a set amount per condition per policy year.

More information on lifetime pet insurance can be found in our article, 'Lifetime pet insurance explained'.

Maximum benefit pet insurance

Maximum benefit pet insurance covers your pet up to a certain amount per illness or injury but unlike lifetime pet insurance, the veterinary fee cover does not renew annually. You can find out more about maximum benefit pet insurance here, 'Maximum benefit pet insurance explained'.

Time-limited pet insurance

Time-limited pet insurance insures your pet for a set amount per illness or injury and for a set period of time, which is usually around 12 months from the onset of the condition or the initial treatment (policy dependent). You can find out more about time-limited pet insurance in our article, 'Time-limited pet insurance explained'.

Accident-only pet insurance

Accident-only pet insurance covers your pet for a set amount per injury and does not cover your pet for illness. Some accident-only policies also enforce a time limit on how long you have to claim but this is dependent on the provider. More information on accident-only pet insurance can be found in our article, 'Accident-only pet insurance explained'.

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Liability only pet insurance

Liability only insurance insures your dog against any legal claims should your pet injure somebody or damage their property. Liability only insurance does not provide any cover for veterinary bills due to illness or injury. Most pet insurance policies (excluding accident-only) include liability only insurance as standard.

Do you need pet insurance for dogs?

Dog insurance is designed to help cover the cost of large and unexpected veterinary bills but if your dog is young and relatively healthy, you may be wondering if dog insurance is worth it?

Pet insurance helps to relieve the financial stress and worry when your pet is ill or injured. Some insurers, such as Petplan, can arrange to pay your vet directly so you don't have to pay out any money when your pet receives treatment. It is advisable to insure your pet when it is young with a lifetime policy, such as ManyPets' complete policy*, as it will cover your pet for any long term and chronic illnesses it may develop, so long you continue to pay your pet insurance premium.

When buying pet insurance it is worth remembering that should your pet develop an illness or suffer an injury and you subsequently choose to switch providers, the condition is unlikely to be covered by the new insurer as it would be deemed as pre-existing. However, some insurers such as ManyPets (formally known as Bought by Many), offer pre-existing condition policies that may be able to cover your pet for a pre-existing condition.

Should you get dog insurance?

You should get pet insurance for your dog if you want financial protection in the event of a claim. Whilst pet insurance can seem like an unnecessary expense if your pet is healthy, it often pays for itself fairly quickly should your pet need require expensive treatment or an operation.

There are a variety of pet insurance policies to choose from so you are bound to find a policy that suits your needs. More information on the different types can be found in our article, 'What are the different types of pet insurance?'

The best pet insurance for dogs

There are a host of pet insurance providers who can provide cover for your dog should it fall ill or be involved in an accident. It can feel overwhelming when choosing the right policy for your pet so we have collated some information on some of the best pet insurance providers for your dog in the comparison table below. For more information on each of the providers read our independent reviews:

  • Animal Friends pet insurance review
  • ManyPets pet insurance review
  • Direct Line pet insurance review
  • Petplan pet insurance review
  • The Insurance Emporium pet insurance review
  • Waggel pet insurance review

The best dog insurance providers

Scroll to the right to view the full table

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Animal Friends*ManyPets*Direct LinePetplanThe Insurance EmporiumWaggel*
Policy types
  • Lifetime
  • Maximum benefit
  • Time-limited
  • Accident-only
  • Lifetime
  • Maximum benefit
  • Time-limited
  • Lifetime
  • Time-limited
  • Lifetime
  • Maximum benefit
  • Time-limited
  • Accident-only
  • Liability only
  • Lifetime
Maximum veterinary fee cover (policy dependant)Up to £18,000Up to £15,000Up to £8,000Up to £12,000Up to £8,000Up to £10,000
Multi-pet discountThe best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (12)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (13)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (14)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (15)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (16)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (17)
Online discountThe best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (18)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (19)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (20)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (21)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (22)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (23)
Free vet video calls/helplineThe best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (24)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (25)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (26)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (27)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (28)The best dog insurance in the UK - 2023 - Money To The Masses (29)
Good vet video callsmulti-pet discountdiscounted medicationpaying out claimsolder dogssimplicity

How much is dog insurance?

How much you pay for a pet insurance policy will vary depending on the type, age and breed of your pet. The type of pet insurance policy you choose will also affect how much it costs. Lifetime pet insurance is usually more expensive than other types of insurance as it is the most comprehensive cover for your dog. Accident-only pet insurance is usually the cheapest because it only covers accidents and does not cover your pet for any illnesses. For more information on the cost of pet insurance for dogs, read our article 'How much does pet insurance cost?'

In the below comparison table, we compare the cost of some of the best dog insurance providers. For the purpose of the table, we have compared the most comprehensive policy with each of the providers and the quotes are based on a 1-year-old mixed breed dog with no underlying health conditions and living in a South East postcode. We have selected excesses that are closer to £100 to make the quotes comparable. You may be able to choose a higher or lower excess with some of the providers.

How much is pet insurance for dogs?

Animal Friends*ManyPets*Direct LinePetplanThe Insurance EmporiumWaggel*
Policy typeAnnual limit per condition lifetimeAnnual limit lifetimeMaximum benefitAnnual limit lifetimeAnnual limit per condition lifetimeAnnual limit lifetime
Policy namePrestigeCompleteAdvancedUltimateLifetime GoldLifetime
Maximum vet fee cover£6,000 per condition per year£15,000 per year£8,000 per condition£12,000 per year£8,000 per condition per year£10,000 per year
Policy excess£99£99£95£110£135 plus 5% co-payment£100
Monthly cost 1-year-old dog£25.74£37.86£22.75£70.08£22.14£33.98

(Quotes correct as of 03/01/23)

How to reduce the cost of dog insurance

How much you pay for your pet insurance will vary depending on a number of factors including the age, type and breed of your pet. More information on the cost of pet insurance can be found in our articles, '7 factors that affect the cost of pet insurance' and 'How much does pet insurance cost?'

Below we list a few things you could do in order to help reduce the cost of your dog insurance premium.

  • Buy a multi-pet policy - if you have more than one pet you may be able to benefit from cheaper pet insurance premiums with a multi-pet discount
  • Get your pet neutered/spayed- neutering or spaying your pet can reduce the risk of certain health complications and help to prevent your pet from straying
  • Increase your excess- the excess is the amount you pay towards a claim and usually, the higher the policy excess the lower the pet insurance premiums

For more money-saving tips read our article, 'How to save money on dog insurance'.

Pros and cons of dog insurance

Pros of dog insurance

  • Helps cover unexpected veterinary bills
  • Can contribute towards the cost of a lost pet
  • Can reduce financial stress and worry

Cons of dog insurance

  • Can be expensive if you do not need to make a claim
  • Does not cover routine treatment such as vaccinations and worming
  • Most standard policies do not cover pre-existing conditions

Where can I buy cheap dog insurance?

If you are looking to buy a pet insurance policy for your pet you may want to shop around for a cheaper deal on a comparison site such as MoneySuperMarket* or Compare the Market*. It is, however, worth considering that not all pet insurance providers, such as Direct Line, share their policies with comparison sites. Additionally, the best pet insurance policy does not always mean the cheapest, here we share '5 reasons why the cheapest pet insurance policy is not always the best'.

While a comparison site is a quick and easy way to compare multiple pet insurance policies, you may not be getting the best deal and it can sometimes be cheaper to visit the provider directly. In some cases, a policy can be cheaper via a comparison site as there may be a higher excess fee or a co-payment associated with that particular policy. When you pay a higher excess or agree to a co-payment you are effectively contributing more towards the cost of the veterinary fee claim meaning your pet insurance premium is likely to be lower. Make sure that you check your policy documents carefully so you know exactly what you are covered for and how much you are expected to pay in the event of any claim.

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If a link has an * beside it this means that it is an affiliated link. If you go via the link, Money to the Masses may receive a small fee which helps keep Money to the Masses free to use. The following link can be used if you do not wish to help Money to the Masses or take advantage of any exclusive offers - Animal Friends, ManyPets, Waggel, MoneySuperMarket, Compare the Market


How much is dog insurance UK roughly? ›

The average monthly cost of dog insurance is £10.75. When you consider that an X-ray alone can cost more than £300 in vet fees, the price of pet insurance perhaps doesn't seem so bad. 51% of our customers were quoted less than £129.00 for their dog insurance in November 2022.

Is it worth getting dog insurance UK? ›

If you've ever wondered 'is pet insurance worth it? ' it could be worth checking typical treatment costs. Prices vary depending on your pet's condition and where you live, but according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the average pet insurance claim in 2021 was £848.

What type of dog insurance is best? ›

The best type of dog insurance is Lifetime cover, because these types of policies have limits that renew each year. Renewing limits protect against long-term or recurring conditions over the course of your dog's life. The next best type of cover is usually considered to be Max Benefit.

Who is the number 1 insurance company in the UK? ›

Admiral Group

The Admiral Group is the largest auto insurance company in the UK with 14% of the motor insurance market, underwriting policies through their Admiral, Bell, Diamond, and Gladiator brands.

What is the number 1 dog in the UK? ›

The top dog breed in the UK in 2021, as measured by number of registrations, was the Labrador Retriever breed. Some 61,559 retrievers were newly registered in the UK in 2021. French Bulldogs and Cocker Spaniels rounded out the top three dog breeds in the UK that year.

How big is the UK pet insurance market? ›

The UK pet insurance GWP was valued at GBP1. 4 billion in 2021.
UK Pet Insurance Market Report Overview.
GWP (2021)GBP1.4 billion
CAGR (2021-2026)>6%
Key ProductsDog Insurance, Cat Insurance, and Other Pet Insurance
1 more row
Dec 22, 2022

What happens if I can't pay my vet bill UK? ›

RSPCA advice

Find out if you could be eligible for financial assistance. Other charities can also help. You could also consider pet insurance, which covers future unexpected vets' bills.

Is it better to get pet insurance or save money? ›

Even if your pet does not have any accidents or illnesses for months, you should continue to save. Without insurance, in the instance that your pet needs emergency surgery, you could owe anywhere from a couple hundred up to a few thousand dollars after just one veterinary visit or one procedure.

Who has the best pet policy? ›

The best airlines for pets
  1. Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines is the best airline for traveling with a pet. ...
  2. Southwest Airlines. While Alaska scored a 4, only one other airline, Southwest, scored a 3. ...
  3. Frontier Airlines. Frontier is a great airline to fly for more than just cats and dogs.
Feb 17, 2023

What is a disadvantage of pet insurance? ›

If you enroll, you may have to front the money for veterinary bills and then request reimbursement from the insurer. Many pet insurance companies will offer low premiums when your pet is young, but as they age, pet insurance rates may climb too.

What breeds of dogs raise your insurance? ›

According to, “Dog breeds that are typically associated with higher insurance premiums include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Akitas, and wolf-dog hybrids.” adds Chows, Great Danes, Presa Canarios, and Alaskan Malamutes to their list.

What is the most expensive dog to insure UK? ›

What are the most expensive dog breeds to insure in the UK?
RankDog breedAverage annual premiums
1Bernese Mountain Dog£933.37
4Great Dane£905.79
11 more rows
Oct 24, 2022

What dogs can't be insured UK? ›

These dog breeds are not allowed to be kept in the UK and can't be insured.
  • Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Dogo Argentino.
  • Japanese Tosa.
  • Fila Brasileiro.

Is it worth insuring an old dog UK? ›

Is it worth insuring an old dog? If you signed up for lifetime dog insurance when your dog was young and healthy, it will usually be worth renewing the policy each year as your dog ages. While this isn't the cheapest option, it guarantees your dog is always covered, even for long-term illnesses.

What is the famous UK insurance company? ›

Most recognizable insurance brands in the UK 2022

Aviva and Bupa completed the top three of the list, with 94 percent of brand recall, respectively. In terms of the UK insurance brand with the highest support, Direct Line was ranked sixth, with AA taking the first place ranking.

What is the most trusted insurance company? ›

  • USAA. 4.3. U.S. News Rating. USAA is the best insurance company in our ratings. ...
  • State Farm. 4.2. U.S. News Rating. ...
  • Farmers. 4.1. U.S. News Rating. ...
  • Nationwide. 4.1. U.S. News Rating. ...
  • Geico. 4.1. U.S. News Rating. ...
  • Allstate. 4.0. U.S. News Rating. ...
  • Travelers. 4.0. U.S. News Rating. ...
  • Progressive. 3.9. U.S. News Rating.
Feb 1, 2023

What is the highest insurance group UK? ›

Every car in the UK is placed in an insurance group, but what exactly does that mean? Car insurance groups are broadly set by The Group Rating Panel and administered by Thatcham Research. These insurance groups range from group 1 (the cheapest cars to insure), all the way up to group 50 (the most expensive).

Can I bring my dog from the US to the UK? ›

You can enter or return to Great Britain with your pet cat, dog or ferret if it: has been microchipped. has a pet passport or health certificate. has been vaccinated against rabies - it will also need a blood test if you're travelling from an country that is not 'listed'

What is the most loyal dog UK? ›

The most loyal dog breeds who will always stick by your side have been uncovered— and German Shepherds top the list. According to Rover's study of 1,000 dog parents in the UK, almost half of British owners (57%) believe their four-legged friends are more loyal than their parents.

What is the most popular dog in USA? ›

Every year the American Kennel Club releases our ranking of the most popular dog breeds based on AKC registration statistics for the previous year. The Labrador Retriever holds the top spot, and this friendly favorite has been No. 1 since 1991.

What are the largest pet insurance companies in the UK? ›

Petplan remains the UK's biggest pet insurer, helping more animals than anyone else.

What is the most owned pet in the UK? ›

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the UK's favourite pet is the dog. More than a quarter of us (26%) own a dog, with an estimated 9 million dogs living in the UK. As well as countless cross-breeds, the most common pure breed dogs in the UK are: Labrador retrievers, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels and German shepherds.

How many people insure their dogs UK? ›

How many people have pet insurance? According to the ABI, 4.3m pets in the UK are insured.

Why are vet bills so high UK? ›

Costs are rising too, due to a combination of the latest drugs, diagnostic equipment and medical advances which allow vets to keep our animal companions living for longer. Crucially however, there is no free NHS equivalent for animals.

How much does a vet prescription cost UK? ›

Prescription only Medicines

A prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an in-patient or immediate treatment is necessary. As from January 2022, the charges for issuing a written prescription are as follows: £25.50 (inc VAT) for the first item. £19.30 (inc VAT) for each and every subsequent item.

How can I get help with vet bills UK? ›

You can check if you're eligible for any support from the Blue Cross here.
  1. RSPCA. The RSPCA can provide veterinary financial assistance at some of their local animal hospitals. ...
  2. Local charities and organisations. There may be local charities or groups that can support you with the cost of vet care for your dog.

How much should you spend on pet insurance? ›

Most pet owners can expect to pay between $20 and $50 per month for an accident and illness plan with decent coverage.

What are 3 factors that will affect your pet insurance costs? ›

5 factors that affect pet insurance rates
  • Age.
  • Animal type.
  • Breed.
  • Insurance type.
  • Location.
Feb 2, 2023

How can I avoid big vet bills? ›

The best ways to avoid high vet bills is to prevent little issues from becoming big, painful, and expensive issues.
  1. Watch their figure. ...
  2. Regularly check and clear their ears. ...
  3. Good Oral Hygiene = better breath and overall health. ...
  4. Package the necessary vaccinations. ...
  5. Purchase pet insurance.
May 18, 2021

What is the most wanted pet in America? ›

Dogs. Dogs come in at number one, with48.3 million households owning dogs in the United States, making these four-legged friends one of the most popular pets around.

What is the most money left to a pet? ›

Conchita, a Chihuahua, was bequeathed $3 million plus an $8.3 million mansion in Miami by heiress Gail Posner. Trouble is a dog that was owned by Leona Helmsley, to which she bequeathed $12 million in a will that disinherited her two grandchildren.

What age is best to get pet insurance? ›

The Sooner, the Better

You need to buy pet insurance the moment you take home your pet. At the very least, get one six months after adopting a new dog or cat. The reason for this is simple: no pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions.

Can you save money with pet insurance? ›

Do all vets take pet insurance? Every pet owner should consider pet insurance. Even if you believe you have enough money to cover veterinary costs, pet insurance could still save you thousands of dollars if your pet gets sick or injured.

Is there an alternative to pet insurance? ›

If you are looking to save on your pet's vet care but believe pet insurance is not for you, there are alternatives you should explore. The most popular pet insurance alternatives include veterinary networks, medical organizations, community pool funds, crowdfunding, etc.

How long do you have to use pet insurance? ›

The illness waiting period is 14 days. For coverage to start, each pet you are insuring must have visited a vet within the past 12 months. If you have a new pet or your pet hasn't seen a vet in the last 12 months, you can take your pet in during the waiting period without any loss of coverage.

What dog accounts for the most attacks? ›

Statistics show that the highest dog attacks by breed are from Pit Bulls. Their natural aggression and high provocation rate from humans cause Pit Bulls to have the highest attack rate in the United States when compared to other dog breeds.

What breeds are not covered by insurance? ›

12 dog breeds excluded from homeowners insurance:
  • Akitas.
  • Alaskan Malamutes.
  • Any wolf breeds.
  • Chow chows.
  • Doberman pinschers.
  • German shepherds.
  • Great Danes.
  • Pit bulls.
Feb 20, 2023

What breed of dog is most given up? ›

Pit Bull

Out of all the dog breeds most commonly found in shelters, it's the Pit Bull that wins by a landslide. This breed is often abused, and neglected leading them to have a hard time trusting people. A huge amount of misrepresentation in the media and breed specific laws keep people from bringing a Pit Bull home.

Why do vets recommend petplan? ›

Vets choose to partner with Petplan pet insurance

These awards were run by Webinar Vet and voted for by the veterinary community. We pride ourselves on our breadth of cover, paying 97% of all the claims we receive and this is why thousands of vets partner with us. We can also pay vets directly.

What are the different levels of pet insurance? ›

There are four main types of pet insurance – Lifetime, Annual (or time limited), Accident only and Maximum benefit.

What is better Max benefit or lifetime pet insurance? ›

While maximum benefit policies offer a fixed, one-off amount per condition with no time limit, lifetime cover offers a fixed amount per condition, which resets when you renew your policy each year. Because it offers more extensive cover, lifetime policies usually cost more than maximum benefit cover.

What do vets do if you can't pay UK? ›

You can contact the RSPCA or Blue Cross to see if they can offer help, or your local vet may be able to offer you an affordable payment plan. We would recommend getting insurance, as this can be a big help with unexpected veterinary bills.

Is pet plan worth it? ›

Petplan claims it can offer extensive cover for pets with over 97% of claims being paid and over 90% of customers renewing their policies each year. Petplan was voted 'Most Trusted Pet insurance provider' at the Moneywise customer service awards in 2017 and has a 2023 defaqto rating of 5 stars.

What happens to pet insurance when pet dies? ›

The "Death from Illness or Injury" section of pet insurance, when applicable, typically covers the purchase or donation price of your pet if it dies or has to be put to sleep by a vet as a result of an illness or injury.

What is the maximum age for pet insurance? ›

Is it difficult to get insurance for a senior dog or cat? The older your pet, the more difficult it may be to find insurance. Pet insurers with maximum age limits for new policies often set them at 10 years old, so if your pet is older than 10, you'll want to look for a company with a higher age limit or no limit.

How long before a dog is legally yours UK? ›

They are breaking the law if they do not register the puppy by the time they are eight weeks old. Breeders should also pass on correct microchip paperwork to the new owner when the puppy goes home. The law applies to dogs and puppies over the age of eight weeks.

Does lifetime pet insurance cover accidents? ›

Yes, lifetime pet insurance does cover accidents as well as injuries and health conditions that have started after you took out your policy.

What is best pet deductible? ›

Plans Available From Pets Best

Pets Best's BestBenefit Accident and Illness plan's annual benefit limits are $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, or unlimited. Deductibles range from $50 to $1,000 and reimbursement percentages range between 70% and 90%. You can pay premiums monthly, quarterly, or annually.

What is the most owned pet in America? ›

U.S. household pet ownership statistics

While dogs are the most popular pet overall—woof woof, keep it up—there is plenty of diversity in pet ownership. 70% of U.S. households (90.5 million homes) owned a pet as of 2022. 69 million U.S. households have a pet dog, compared to 45.3 million with a cat.


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